Miriam + Ed

Miriam asked me to design a dress that wass classic and elegant, so drawing inspiration from Grace Kelly’s wedding gown and Dior’s “new look” I drafted a design for a classic box-pleat ballgown with an illusion lace v-neck. When I first met Miriam and her daughter Lily, her soft-spoken grace and queenly air seemed a perfect match for the design. In fact, it seemed fitting that when the photos from the royal wedding aired the much anticipated dress bore striking resemblance to the one I was already making for Miriam. I couldn’t resist shooting her an e-mail “Did you watch the royal wedding? Now everyone will think we copied Kate’s dress, but I guess it just goes to show that you have good tastes!”
However, after the first fitting, work on the wedding gown was halted by some sad news. Miriam’s fiance, Ed, had been diagnosed with cancer. We postponed the next fitting until after his surgery and I waited with fingers crossed to hear the news. Thankfully the surgery was sucessful and Ed was free from cancer. With renewed joy and appreciation for the gift of life, Miriam went on with her wedding plans and I completed her dress. Miriam’s courage, composure, and optimism throughout the process was truly inspiring and I am so happy to have played a small part in their wedding.
Thanks to Maya Myers Photographyfor the beautiful photos!

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