The Wedding:

“I’m Scottish and have been living in Italy for the past couple of years with my Florentine husband. We chose to get married in September in Florence for the warm weather, the food and the amazing venues you can find around Tuscany. When it came to planning and personalising our wedding, we were lucky in being able to incorporate aspects of both our cultures and offer our guests something original (e.g. a bagpiper at the ceremony, a vintage Fiat Cinquecento for the getaway car, little sporran keyrings as name place holders, etc.). On the day itself, we made a last-minute decision to abandon going to have our professional photos done while everyone headed to the reception – we didn’t want to miss out on any of the partying and, as a result, all our professional photos are just of us mingling, laughing and generally having a great time. They captured the mood of the day perfectly and, looking back, if I were to offer any advice to future brides and grooms, it would be to spend as little time as possible away from the party so you can enjoy yourself as much as anyone else – after all, you’ve spent months planning it and it *will* be over before you know it!

The Dress

I decided to have my wedding dress custom-made after realizing that the boutique shopping experience was not for me. I’ve never been mad about shopping, admittedly, but I hadn’t expected to come back from my first (and final) bridal shopping trip so disheartened. I found the shop assistants pushy and patronising and couldn’t believe the exorbitant prices of cheap-looking, mass-produced gowns. It was my bridesmaid who directed me towards Etsy (shameless plug: she has her own Etsy shop, “Sorellina”, where she sells, among other things, bridal jewellery!) and it was there that I found Danielle. While browsing through the various bridal categories, I came across the “Luna” gown, loved it, and knew I was on to a winner. I sent Danielle pictures of various wedding dresses from magazines and told her what I liked about each, and she came up with a design to match what I had in my head. Because Danielle and I live on different continents, it made sense that I find a local seamstress to help me with measurements, fittings and final tweaks – and it all worked out fantastically. On Danielle’s recommendation, I purchased the lace for my dress in Italy and posted it over to her in the U.S. Being able to choose the fabric and shade myself gave us both peace of mind that I *liked* what was being made for me. It was such a success that I ended up getting everything on Etsy – my veil, bridal combs, jewellery.. the lot! – and have no regrets about choosing to have my dress made in this way. Thank you Danielle!”

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