Kelsey + Paul

One of my favorite things about being a custom wedding gown designer is that I often get brides who have very unique visions and sometimes unusual requests. The dress I made Kelsey for her rave themed wedding at the Bonsall Fire Gardens ranks among the top of these. Kelsey, whose hair was a different color at every fitting, wanted a gown that reflected her unique sense of style and fit with the fun theme of the wedding. She opted for a two-piece corseted dress that could be transformed into a shorter dress more suitable for dancing. The corset top overlaid with black chantilly lace featured a removable pont du sprit and lace illusion top, while the bottom half of the full tulle skirt came off to turn it into a flirty tutu. Oh, and did I mention the rainbow tulle swatch that matched other rainbow accents such as bracelets and striped stockings? Well, if my description is confusing, you really just have to see it for yourself. Enjoy these photos by Treasure Map Studios

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