Aly + Alan

Aly and Alan were married in Prague at the Vrtbovska Zadrada – don’t ask me how to pronounce it, but there’s no need, as these stunning photos speak for themselves! Also, check out Aly’s fabulous headpiece, which she made herself. Love it? She has just started her own jewelry company Wanderlust Co., so if you’re looking for a one of a kind bridal accessory, consider supporting a local artist!

The Wedding

I got ready at my mother’s hotel, U Pava, her room overlooked a walled apple garden, just below the castle on the hill. I watched peacocks in the garden below as my older sister did my make-up, she’s a painter and her fingers on my skin made me feel like canvas. I watched people gathering apples, birds mating in the trees in the mist. The room was decorated with flowers and ribbons, a ruffled umbrella covered the tv in corner, gifts and champagne, and my dress, shoes and jewelry all laid out . It was such a beautiful moment, as I had not been together with my sisters and mother for more than a decade. The dress was divine, as photographed by my older sister Savanna.

The Dress:

When I began my quest for my wedding gown, I knew 3 things:
1. It must be charmeuse silk,
2. it must be bias cut.
3. it must have a sweetheart neckline.

I have an affinity for the 1930’s silhouette, so I knew my wedding gown would be slinky, sexy, and move like liquid. I also love art nouveau, especially after living in Prague surrounded by Mucha, and I imagined something elegant and simple, timeless. Alas, it was no where to be found. I looked online, in the shops, all sorts of places. Everything was puffy and overstated and after awhile they ALL looked the same.

An online search for dressmakers found Danielle’s website. It was clear she was more than qualified and capable, her philosophy was exactly what I had in mind. I paid her a visit, discussed my criteria, and she made a sketch with a few different options. Once I’d decided on the design, I choose the silk, gorgeous sueded Thai silk, and in weeks my dress was ready for a fitting. It was amazing. After just one more fitting, it was ready, with a few weeks to spare, and not a penny overbudget. I adore the gown Danielle made for me, it is absolutely what I imagined, and I SO loved wearing it!!!!!

Aly also modeled her dress in my french-inspired photo shoot

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