Ali + Elliot

“Elliot proposed last August at the Gardens, and we have both always wanted an outdoor wedding, so the location means a lot to us and was worth the [bigger] price tag.”

The Dress

(Warning: Shameless plug ahead.)
“After many months of searching, being discouraged by [preowned] designer price tags, and searching some more, I decided to have my dress made. Risky? Yes, especially because Danielle (my seamstress/designer/hero) and I live in different states. However, let me assure you, I have no regrets. I found Danielle’s shop on Etsy and loved her work. If any one of you is considering having a custom made dress, hire Danielle – she is marvelous to work with and ridiculously talented. I found the polka dot fabric at Target. It’s actually a curtain, but it’s exactly what I wanted: textured, light-weight, and white-on-white polka dots.
The shape and structure were taken from the “Lucindia” J. Crew dress.

Words of Wisdom

“If I had one bit of advice for brides-to-be, I would recommend spending more time preparing for the marriage than for the wedding. Obvious, no? But its so easy to get caught up in the details and lose sight of the wonderful man God has entrusted to you.”

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